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CERF Campaign

Recently we have begun eye certifications on our mastini thru the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF), we have chosen to participate in this database to correct the fallacies in CERF reporting on our breed.  When we began certifying in 2009 only 13 Neapolitan Mastiffs were listed, those 13 dogs where listed with eye disorders that are not 'normal' in our breed and caused an invalid representation of our breed. It is our hope to contribute to a more actual representation and hope other breeders will also choose to begin eye certifications

The fact is we have a very poor statistical reference as to the actual breed eye health status.

The Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) is an organization working in conjunction with cooperating, board certified, veterinary ophthalmologists to form a national registry. This data is used to form the CERF data base which is useful in researching trends in eye disease and breed susceptibility.

A CERF exam must be done by a veterinary ophthalmologist, the exam is simple, quick and painless. Defining and creating an accurate Neapolitan Mastiff eye health status is a task that we as a community can impact this year. Most research takes years to compile, we have an opportunity with CERF by using their foundation to quickly and effectively establish a more representative picture of our breeds’ eye status.



Mastino Health Foundation

Mastino Health Foundation

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